Community Sites

Sleuth Noir Extended Some extensions to Sleuth Noir, meant to involve the community. Maintainer: Irene

Sleuth Facebook Group A Facebook page run by the fans and administrators of Sleuth.

SleuthTalk Radio Join us for live and archived broadcasts produced by Sleuth fans for Sleuth fans. Webmaster:Ctown28

Sleuth Tips "The Unfair Sleuth Advantage". A Sleuth Spoiler and Hint site.

Dr. Watson Sleuth Helper A javascript player utility that helps you track clues and eliminate suspects. Webmaster: Evita

Michael Bagen Read about the man behind many of Sleuth's best featured mysteries, Michael Bagen, aka John Hale.

Agency Sites

Blue Pagoda Agency - An agency with a family atmosphere determined to have fun while working hard to capture the bad guys and improve our standing in Sleuth. Webmaster: Lady Jas

Dawg Pound Investigations - A new agency filled seasonsed veterans and Cleveland Browns fans alike! Webmasters: ctown28 and lilangel

Endeavour Investigations - Integrity, direction, determination and commitment. Webmaster: Stooby

Ona Mission - Self achievement and helping others to achieve, makes you feel good and brings people together. Webmaster:Miss Guided

SMRT Investigations - We are so smart! S-M-R-T! Webmaster: biggie528

Shaded Legends Now and always a work in progress: ever changing as we constantly strive for that elusive star. Webmaster: Shell Marple

Eye Spy Investigations The newly crowned #1 most famousagency in Sleuth, for now...

OMEGA Detective Agency Fun and Frolick mixed with Hard Work = Omega. Webmaster: John Q. Publik

The Hitchhikers Website for The Hitchhikers agency. Webmaster: Logan Creed

Blood & Dagger Blood & Dagger, founded on February 26th, 2006, is an active agency located in Shanghai. Webmaster: Lucian Ty

The Firm "It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it...". This agency is a very exquisite blend of some of America's, Europe's and Australia's finest! Webmaster: Roamie